Bokkos Records Over 30 Isolated Attacks in Five Months

Youths in Bokkos Local Government Area of Plateau State have raised alarm over repeated cases of isolated attacks in rural communities within the locality. “Everyday we record at least one deadly attack, and nobody seems to be doing anything,” leader of the youths in Bokkos, Adams Abraham told Light Bearer News. According to him, more than 30 of such cases have been recorded between January and May 2014 in over 10 communities in the locality. He said, “After the attacks in Mai Hakorin Gold, Mangor and Bot villages on the new year eve, we had attacks in Kunet and other places on first of January. “Ndar, Diram, Sha, Monguna and a lot of other places have also recorded attacks and in most of these, lives have been lost.” He particularly lamented an armed robbery attack on a woman, five days after her husband was killed in Diram community, near the Solomon Lar University Bokkos. The incident which coincided with the killing of a young student of the Plateau State Polytechnic, Jos, same night in Chikam, few meters away from the university drew protests that led to the barricading of the road leading to the local government headquarters for hours. The protesters who were made up of mainly youths were demanding for government intervention, alleging that the security operatives in the locality have in the past only appeared to take custody of arrested suspects but not during attacks in spite of heated calls by the villagers. The attack on the widow was carried out by a group of assailants who were the same people that killed the husband of the victim, said the robbed. Majority of the attacks carried out within Bokkos local government are said to have been carried out by Fulanis who are mostly identified to be herders residing amongst the locals. It was however not clear who masterminded the killing of the youngman in Chikam, but locals suspect the same Fulani assailants that carried out the operations in Diram.


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