COCIN kicked against Government taxing Churches

The COCIN President, Rev. Dr. Dachollom Datiri, has kicked against the proposed taxing of churches by the delegates of the National Conference.
He said this in an interview he granted to THE LIGHT BEARER and NATIONAL MIRROR in his office at the COCIN Headquarters secretariat.
According to him, it will amount to ‘sheer foolishness’ on the part of the Nigerian government to tax churches.
‘My prayer is that Nigeria won’t make that mistake. The church is not a money making venture. Yes, some pastors are  rich, but it will be very detrimental and foolish because the church is offering a service and assisting the government in transforming lives’ he added.
Rev. Datiri revealed that the church is working for the government and it is only right that they compensate the church instead of proposing to tax the church.
Delegates to the ongoing National Conference recently overwhelmingly voted that religious bodies in the country should pay taxes to the government.
If the recommendation is passed into law by the National Assembly, it means that churches and mosques in the country will begin to pay tax to the coffers of the government.


  1. the move by the members of the National coference to Tax churches and mosques as spelt out by the cocin president is an indication that Nigeria is moving towards another situation that will be worst than the Boko Haram as a result of that let come together as a church pray seriously so that God should scatter the plans of these initiators of this ugly situation

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