Rev. Dr. Amos Mohzo has been elected as the new COCIN General Secretary by the General Church Council (GCC).

His election came during the extraordinary session of the GCC held at the COCIN Headquarters Church, Jos.

Before his election, the COCIN President, during his speech, implored all delegates to avoid all forms of sentiments which could be tribal, regional and sectional sentiments.

‘When you vote out of sentiments, you oppose God and it is dangerous’ Dr. Datiri said.

Out the total of 230 votes cast by the delegates, Rev. Dr. Amos Mohzo scored 179 defeating three other candidates.

Delegates comprised the chairmen and secretaries of the 82 RCCs in COCIN, the seven departments at the Headquarters and other special units of COCIN.

The head of the three man electoral committee, Justice Lot, thanked the delegates for the decorum exhibited during the course of the election.

The election of Rev. Dr. Amos Mohzo leaves the office of the Deputy General Secretary vacant and such office will be filled on the 23 September, 2014.

Rev. Dr. Amos Mohzo now joins the list of eminent personalities to hold the office of the General Secretary and making him the chief administrator of COCIN.

Past General Secretaries of COCIN are Rev. Daniel Bitrus (rtd), Rev. Dan Pochi (rtd), Rev. John Audu (rtd) Rev. Seth Nden and Rev. Dr. Obed Dashan.


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  1. I solemnly pray that the good Lord that start good work in all the COCIN leaders shall continue till Christ comes Amen.

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