APC appoints Latep Dabang as Chairman Plateau State Chapter, set to inform Police Commissioner, DSS etc

The National publicity secretary,Alhaji Lai Mohammed, who is the main spokesperson of the All Progressive Congress, has put paid to the leadership tussle in the Plateau state chapter of the Party. He made the clarification when he said “to the best of my knowledge the authentic State chairmen and party executives are those who have been invited and are here today, (Thusrday, 21) at the NEC meeting. (Latep Dabang was at the NEC meeting at the invitation of the National leadership to represent Plateau state as Chairman) Lai made this known when he spoke to a group of Journalists after the National Executive Council Meeting at the Party’s National secretariat in Abuja. The outspoken publicity maestro added that “ it is not unusual for some bad losers to want to pull down structures that are not under their direct leadership and for this reason we at the National secretariat are going to make a list of all our party executives. “From what we have planned to do yesterday is that we are going to compile a list of all our party authentic chairmen, and the list of all our authentic executives from the ward level to state level and send a copy to commissioner of police and Director of secret service in each state and also to INEC in each state so that there will be no doubt as to who is the authentic executive of the party or not. It is not unusal that when there are elections like these that there will surely be people who will insist that they won and people who will insist that others did not win. Yes we are aware of the querrels and some of them are being looked into with the view of correcting them. But you see even in doing so you must follow the rule of law. Some few days back some individuals had claimed to have taken charge of the Plateau APC and were calling on elected members to come work with them. While relying on a communication purportedly aquired from an interim management committee official. While they were yet calling,Latep Dabang, at the instance of some national officers, at Hill Station Hotel on the 16TH of August 2014, inaugurated the state executive council which included all the elected party chairmen from the seventeen Local Government areas in the state, all the elected state officials which includes the secretary, deputy chairman, women and youth leaders, financial , publicity secretaries among others. The National Publicity secretary warned sternly that interim management personel no longer exist in that capacity because their functions has come and gone and their offices no longer exist and that any one who tries to operate from an interim official capacity is an imposter because“there is no where in the APC party today where there is interim chairman or executive in any state.” Alhaji Lai Mohammed used the occasion to throw more light into the way the party has choosen to adopt its members of Board of Trustees. “Certain people are automatic members of the BoT. ‘Former Presidents, former Heads of states, former vice Presidents, former Governors, former speakers, former senate leaders, so that is how it is . Some people no matter the party they belong to they are automatic members of Board of Trustees” He said. After the NEC meeting in which Plateau state was adequately represented by its authentic chairman Latep Dabang, and Elder statesman, Jock Alamba who is the deputy national welfare secretary, our reporter cashed on the opputunity and made them comment on the issues back home. Chairman, Latep Dabang denied the existence of any dispute as to the leadership of APC in Plateau state” I have said it times without number that there is no dispute as to who is the Chairman of APC in Plateau state. I am the chairman of the Party duely elected in the last congress in full view of cameras and all journalists that were in attendance. I know that there are agreived people who have been going about trying to create disunity within the party, but all I can do is to appeal to them to come so that we can work together because “United we Stand Divided We Fall” It is not my wish to lose any member of the APC, I believe those who want to clamour against my chairmanship wanted to be chairmen too. If they had won the election I would have stood by them, and work for the party. I expect them to also join me and lets work for the good of our party and the nation Nigeria at large. The national leadership and secretariat recognizes me as the duely elected chairman of APC Plateau Chapter, which is why I have all along been invited to all functions of the party. As you can see we have just finished the meeting of the National Executive Council in which I am a member. I was duely invited, I attended the meeting, and if there were any dispute I wouldn’t have been allowed to attend the meeting . As far as the National secretariat is concern I, Latep Dabang is the duely elected chairman of APC in Plateau state, to exercise funtions as Chairman in the state on behalf of the National Secretariat in Plateau state. The elderstatesman, an astute politician, Jock Alamba, who just performed the function of the deputy secretary welfare at the NEC meeting, was very frank when he said “It has been very very clear right from day one, Latep Dabang has been our chairman. Duely elected chairman, duely sworn in chairman, duely certified chairman, duely recognized and appreciated chairman nationally. And he remains our state chairman in Plateau state. And there is no question to that. Anybody dreaming otherwise is just fooling himself. He advised others who thought they are in charge of APC Plateau to “quickly get their acts together and come to terms with reality that Latep Dabang is the one and only Chairman and that they should come work with Dabang and the rest of the exco who are willing to work with everybody to move APC forward on the Plateau.

  • Abel Asile

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