The unsolved mystery of PDP’s blocking of Pauline Tallen’s senate ambition

When Dame Pauline Tallen showed interest to contest as a Senator representing Plateau South on the platform of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), it didn’t come as a surprise to many. However, that dream was short-lived as she stepped down quietly after instructions were given specifically for her not to be allowed back to the party to the astonishment of many. So many unanswered questions from her electorate as to why a party that has lost many of its outstanding political figures to the opposition will deny a stalwart like Pauline back into its fold knowing fully well that during her 2011 gubernatorial campaign she pulled enough crowd behind her as a formidable force on the Plateau.
A former deputy governor in Plateau State, (first woman deputy governor from the noorth) and Minister of State, Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, Pauline Tallen is one politician any political party would be delighted to have within its ranks due to her wide spread followership and the indelible records in every area of assignment bestowed on her which she does with a high sense of responsibility. She is a woman of many firsts who has made her mark in the Nigerian political landscape.
After her sojourn with the Labour Party where she flew its gubernatorial flag in 2011, Tallen alongside other party decampees indicated interest to come back to PDP which will not only bring her back but her loyal supporters back into its fold thereby strengthening its base.
But unfortunately a cabal in the ruling party who enjoyed unrestrained hegemony saw her coming back along with the others as ending their control of the party machinery.
After a rigorous dilly-dallying that went on for months, the national headquarters accepted their offer to come back and gave them the go ahead to start the process from their state office of the party. They however met serious resistance from the party and Governor Jang not only refused to grant them audience but further gave instructions for them not to be allowed till after the primaries.
At the end of the day the governor was forced to succumb when President Goodluck Jonathan gave an open invitation to all decampees to come back to the party fold, they were all not only giving waiver but have since collected their certificates contested for various political posts in the state.
Pauline Tallen, the only woman among them was singled out and denied a waiver, however, during an interview with PLATEAU NEWS she said she was summoned to Abuja and told that specific instructions were giving by the governor for the PDP office not to give her a waiver under any circumstance, they told her to come back the next day so they can rectify the situation but she decline and made the decision to withdraw from the race there and then. It has become very clear that she is definitely not in the game plan of the powers that be in the state.
She said “I have come a long way in this game of politics; this is just a temporary setback, but I am happy God has given me peace of mind, he has vindicated me”.
Mrs Juliana Mafuyil, a Political Science lecturer with the University of Jos told our reporter that “we don’t have enough women representation in this dispensation, yet the only woman on the Plateau with enough political power to pull any crowd in and around the state, the only woman among the decampees wishing to come back to PDP was denied waiver, why? What has she done that she was singled out and denied coming back to contest like the others? Is it because she is a woman? Concerned women in Plateau state need answers.” Pauline Tallen has been quiet about her decision to lay low, but women like Mrs Mafuyil has vowed to stand by her and make their voices heard until justice is served.


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