Rain destroys properties in Langtang North

Properties worth millions of Naira has been destroyed by rain storm in Gazum and other villages in Langtang North local government areas, the rain storm which lasted for about 2 hours blew off roofs and uprooted trees. Among the wards affected are the primary health care clinic Gazum and the Auditorium of COCIN LCC which were completely blown away by storm. Assessing the levels of damage the chairman of Langtang North Godwin Kumzhi while consoling the people said they should take the mishaps as an act of God promising to come to the aid of the victims as soon as possible, Kumzhii urges them to have positive attitude for this year’s raining season. Responding the officer in charge of Gazum Clinic, Pam Davou who appreciated the visit of the chairman said although the clinic was in a bad shape the storm has worsen the situation. On his part the Rev. in charge of COCIN LCC Gazum lamented the incident saying the congregations will have no place to worship as the rain set in if urgent attention is not given to the church.


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