The Politics of money is over – Mrs Salomie Dashe

The leader of the Think Tank Women Group of the APC in Plateau State Mrs Salomie Dashe said the emergence of Simon Lalong as the duly elected Governor of Plateau State is a sign of good things to come as it has destroyed the myth of money politics on the Plateau.

Speaking during a phone interview with our reporter, Mrs Dashe said the Think Thank group was set up to share ideas, strategize on what to do and supporting where necessary.

“Women on the Plateau faces a lot of challenges even though we constitutes the majority of the voting population in the state. The think tank women were able to mobilize women to go back to their locality to sensitize rural women on how to vote, to stand for their rights, resisting intimidation” she said.

Mrs Dashe said during presidential election they discovered that a lot of women were deceived into voting against their choice due to ignorance. And that made them to become self appointed agents to protect their fellow women’s votes.

The Think Tank Group was organize into sections during the elections, while some were in the coordinating room, supervising what is happening in the 17 LGA others work on the field as agents.

She believes that era of politics of money is over, even though most women were made to believe that APC has no money therefore cannot deliver they were able to debunk that and motivate women to aspire to be policy makers not just voters all the time.

“The Plateau project has kicked off, we are appealing to women irrespective of their political affiliation to come and join hands with us to move this state forward” she stated. “We want women development and if we are not united anybody will recon with us”.

The Think Thank women has earlier informed the governor that even though Plateau State has 17 LGAs, they want him to make it 18, that is the women LGA, they want him to treat women issue with utmost priority  as one of his constituencies.

The women said they want to have a say, to give opinion and contributes, they believe that if women are giving the opportunity in decision making, the state will move forward.


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