CAN Youth-Wing urged Buhari to work with people of Integrity

The Youth-Wing of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), North Central has urged President, Muhammadu Buhari, to take a careful look at the personalities he is going to work with in his administration.
This call was made in Jos the Plateau state capital by the chairman of  CAN youth-wing  North-Central, Engr. Daniel Kadzai on Sunday during an interactive session with journalists.
Kadzai noted that sycophants are the major problems of every governance in the country and if they are mistakenly chosen to be subordinate to Muhammadu Buhari, they may eventually betray him and thereby tarnishing the good reputation and respect that Nigerians have for him.
The chairman also appeal to Buhari to be vigilant in his government and tasked him to as a matter of urgency take into scrutiny the security agencies of the country to ensure that people of good moral and principle were saddle with the responsibility of coordinating the security of the country as such action would help to deal with the current security challenges bedeviling the country.


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