Plateau State House of Assembly announces House standing committee

Speaker of the Plateau State House of Assembly Hon. Peter Azi has announced the various house standing committees.

Reading out the list of chairman of various standing committees the speaker Peter Azi announces that Nyam Dareng representing the Jos South constituency will lead the committee on agriculture followed by Joseph Kasam representing Kanke constituency who will be heading the committee on appropriation on the other hand Hon K. Amos of Langtang Central constituency is Chairman Committee on Finance.

Also on the floor of the house was a motion on a matter of urgent importance brought by a member representing Lantang North-North constituency Godfrey Lamdip who raise an alert on the outbreak of suspected cholera in his constituency which he said has so far claimed 15 lives, calling on the house to prevail on relevant authorities to prevent the further spread of the outbreak, the motion attracted comments from members whose constituencies are neighboring Langtang North, calling for urgent measure.

On his part the Deputy Speaker of the House Yusuf Gagdi moved the issue to be referred to the house standing committee on health with a view to relate effectively with relevant government agencies for possible solution.

The speaker also announces the appointment of Atang Izang Atang as his substances secretary and the appointment is with immediate effect.


One comment

  1. the appointment by the speaker was for his chief press secretary, not secretary, and the man in question is Atang Izam Atang, not Atang Izang Atang…please take note

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