Soldier beat up an innocent man in Jos

This young man named Pam is the youth leader of state lowcost in Jos. He went to the ATM to withdraw 100,000 naira for his house rent. He was the only person that the ATM paid leaving others stranded, so the military men needed money urgently & they ask him to give them the 100,000naira and come to their base in sector 6 the following day to collect his money, but the man could not give them because he has something very important to do with the money(house rent). So the military guys beat the hell out of him and collected the cash.

When the STF commander Major Gen. Chris Enete was called on a live program on Silverbird 93.7fm Jos, he said they should please come to his office at the STF headquarters so that he will take appropriate sanction on those military men involved because it is what he described as indiscipline. He also promised that the guy’s money will be refunded to him and the military will also take full responsibility of his medical bill.

He is currently on admission at Parkview hospital opp. Solomon Lar Amusement Park.



One comment

  1. This is an insult to civilians……. the guy need to say what he will do to the so call STF soldier and the do not have the “RIGHT”!!! to collect his “OWN” money.

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