Gen. Gowon appealed to Nigerians not to rush President Buhari

Former head of state, General Yakubu Gowon, has appealed for Nigerians to be calm and not to rush  President  Buhari in his quest to bring change as real change he said cannot happen within 30 days.

He warned that rushing the President could result in the government taking bad decisions that might be adverse to the Nigerians whereby they  may lose eventually.

The former head of state said the problems confronting the country are enormous and will take time to fix. He pleads with Nigerians to give the leadership some time to tackle the country problems in a logical manner.

“People want change but as far as the problem of Nigeria is concerned, you cannot do it in one day or in one month. It will take time before a lot of these changes would be done and done effectively.”

“Let us give Buhari the chance to do things in the proper way to be able to get a good result. I have read it in some papers where people question him that in 30 days nothing has been done. It is unnecessary” he stressed.


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