The attention of the Plateau State Chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has been drawn to a report credited to the immediate past governor of Plateau State, Da Jonah Jang, in which he sub-judicially claimed that the APC did not win the April 11 governorship election in the state (The Nigerian Pilot Newspaper, Sept. 22, 2015, page 11).

Jang, who is well-known for his characteristic lawlessness, loose-tongue, unprecedented corruption, impunity, nepotism and sheer arrogant outbursts while in office, also claimed that the election was rigged in favour of the APC and that the PDP was optimistic of reclaiming the PDP’s “stolen mandate’’ at the election tribunal.

Perhaps, caught in the euphoria of his temporary victory at the election tribunal about a fortnight ago, which the APC has already challenged at the Court of Appeal and is set to reclaim its “stolen mandate’’, the ex-governor claimed, as usual, that God had delivered judgment to him and will do same in the governorship case.

Ordinarily, the APC would have ignored Jang’s remarks as the ranting of a Don-Quixote-like incurable political optimist, whose stock-in-trade is religious hypocrisy, political fraud and opportunism, where “16 is greater than 19’’ and who had vehemently rejected the use of the card reader for the election and even had the effrontery to challenge its usage in court, for obvious reasons.

It is sad to note that Jang has yet to come to terms with the fact that it was his brazen misrule of eight years which was characterized by wanton impunity cum nepotism that fanned the embers of disunity among the people causing incessant crises, unprecedented corruption culminating in his bequeathing a debt of about N222.3 billon, his neglect of the education sector, the non-payment of workers’ salary arrears and pensions, among many others, that plunged his party into a well-deserved defeat through the people’s power and divine intervention.

As a matter of fact, even if the April 11 election was to be repeated one million times over then, the APC would have defeated Jang and his PDP candidate without any qualms, especially considering his faux pas in playing God by deciding to anoint his cousin to succeed him in violation of the state’s rotational governorship understanding.

The APC, therefore, warns Jang and the PDP to abort their dreams and wake up to the reality that change has come to stay in Plateau State and Nigeria, and desist from making garrulous utterances that are not just sub-judicial, but also give them away as people that should at best be recommended for schizophrenia screening at the hospital.

The APC government, led by our able, youthful Lawyer-Governor, the Rt. Hon Simon Lalong, is too busy trying to cleanse the Augean stable and exorcise the mess which the immediate past administration bequeathed, rather than being distracted by the shenanigans of party politics.

It is noteworthy that, out of the eight months’ salary arrears which Jang had refused to pay, the Governor has within three months in office paid up to six months’ salary and pension arrears, as well as bursary arrears to indigent students in tertiary institutions, even before receiving any bailout funds.


Instead of Jang and his co-travellers in the looting galore of the billions of naira from the people’s patrimony to be celebrating, they should rather be mourning with their tails tucked in-between their two legs in shame because in saner climes they would be stoned if found walking free on the streets.

The APC also wishes to assure Jang and his PDP cohorts who have frittered the people’s goodwill and turned themselves into the people’s enemies that it is a matter of time for them to have their days in the court as the EFCC and other anti-corruption agencies will soon swoop on them to make them account for the state’s looted funds.



Chief Letep Dabang

APC Chairman, Plateau State.




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