Revalidation Of Tinted Permit, Firearms Licence Begins this month

Inspector General of Police, IGP Solomon Arase has directed all holders of tinted permit and firearms licences to revalidate them, taking effect from yesterday.
The IGP gave the directive in Abuja, at the launch of the Nigeria Police Force Central Information System (NCIS).
He explained that the revalidation of tinted permit will begin today while validation of firearms licence will take effect from January 18, 2016.
Similarly, he said application for Character Certificates will now be processed digitally on the platform of the NCIS.
In his explanation, the IGP said the Character Certificate, Tinted Glass Permit and Fire arms License were processed manually without a central database of applicants or holders.
This, he said, was not only cumbersome but the integrity of these documents was also, subject to forgery. “Even more worrisome is the realisation that under this analogue system, it has been practically difficult to engage best international practices to vet firearms applicants, monitor the extent of compliance of licensees with extant firearms laws, and address the challenge of fire arms proliferation.
“All these gaps impact negatively on the ability of the Nigeria Police to effectively attain its core mandate of preventing and detecting crimes, and protecting the lives and property of the citizens,” he said.
Arase stressed that the revalidation grace for all holders will last for three months after which current permits will be invalid.
“I am to clarify that there will be a three months window for the revalidation of the Fire arms License and the Tinted Permit. Consequently, with effect from March 18, 2016, the current Fire arms License and Tinted Permit will become invalid and holder may be liable to arrest and prosecution,” he stated.


One comment

  1. The commencement of revalidation of fire arms license from January, 18 to March 18 2016 is only two months This not up to the three months granted by the IG

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