PLSHA encourage management of MDAs to seek legislative backing when needed

Chairman of various committees of the Plateau State House of Assembly have encourage management of Government ministries, departments, agencies to always seek the services of the house when they need any legislative backing to enable them achieve their goals. The committee chairman told the different MDG’s when they interacted with them on the ongoing year 2016 budget defends exercise. Areas of focus on the budget since the exercise started has been on the revenue profile of MDA’s expenditures therefore when the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development lead by it Commissioner Rufina Gurumyen appeared before the house committee to defend their budget proposal for the year 2016, they were asked to explained why they made projection for revenue when they have not been able to raise any income, the Commissioner explained.

The ministry of Health lead by its Commissioner, Dr Kunden Kamshak was before the House committee on health, the law makers acknowledge that the house is aware the ministry does not necessary have revenue it generates in a large scale but encourage them to try and raise even small stressing the way forward for the state economic to grow and serve the people better is thorough looking inwards.

Still before the house committee on health was the head of the State Hospital Management Board led by the acting medical Director, during the screening of their budget proposal, the committee raise their revenue proposal high saying since they were able to achieve their target of above average chances are they will do better this physical year.

Management of Government house appeared before the committee chaired by Jacob Kassam and have their request of N164m toward renovating the presidential wing of the old Government house Ray field cut to N100m.

They were also advised in light of the resources of the state to carry out the second phase of the renovation work on the Government guest house in phases.

Other MDA’s who came for the exercise include the Ministry of Education lead by their Commissioner Alex Mairiga and the new Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology where the house committee on education chaired by Abdul Yanga accepted most of the proposal but cut down their request of N1.8b aimed at completion of renovated schools to N700m given lack of access to funds last year as reasons.


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