Ministry of information to monitor daily supply of Petroleum Products to Plateau State

In view of the lingering fuel scarcity in Plateau State, the state Ministry of information and communication will henceforth monitor and inform the public on the daily supply of petroleum products in the state. In a statement, the State Commissioner for Ministry of information and communication, Ahmed Nazifi said Government regrets the scarcity of the product nationwide and called on all marketers that are opportune to allocate the product to upload and sell to the public.

Nazifi said Government is calling on DPR to be proactive in detecting vehicles with fabricated tanks who connive with pump maintainers to consume extra petrol at a time. He entreats consumers to be orderly while queuing up for petrol and not to come close to inflammable materials to avoid disaster.


One comment

  1. I must confess to you’ll that,Gov Langlong had made a wise decision for appointing Hon Nazifi Ahmad as the Commisioner of Information,we shld support and pray for him so that,our dreams will come true.

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