BIHA project tackles the issue of negative impacts of a dysfunctional family at their event in Kaduna

A Jos based NGO, The BIHA Project in collaboration with LiLA Foundation, Women Disability Self-Reliance and GWG organized a successful interactive advocacy event in Kaduna.

Stakeholders at the event Debates on “The Nigeria of Today is Responsible For Family Dysfunction in Nigeria” led by CPN, JNI, Interfaith, IAAM, JONAPWD, SAVI Etc.

A Special guest at the occasion is a healthcare advocate & freedom fighter, amazing 2-time cancer survivor, Bavoshiya who narrates her moving story of currently battling stomach cancer after surviving breast cancer, why early detection can save lives & what policies can save even more lives in Nigeria.

Bavoshiya made a passionate plea to Nigerian Government (Federal, State and Local) to establish “National Agency for Cancer Control (NACC)” to assist in Cancer awareness, prevention, control and treatment like National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA).


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