Kudung and Pwel People of Kanke LGA clash over unmasking of masquerades


A two days communal clash between the Kudung and Pwel People of Kanke LGA has left houses and shops burnt with 4 motorcycles and a vehicle destroyed.

The clash was a reprisal attack by Pwel people who unmasked a masquerade from kudung following a similar action done to their masquerade by Kudung three months ago.
The Commissioner of Police, Adekunle Oladunjoye who said no life was lost in the clash revealed that this is the latest incident between the communities following the stoning of the Kudung masquerade during a festival by the Pwel people but said the matter has been resolved and that security agents were still conducting investigations in the areas to bring trouble makers to book.
Operation Safe Heaven Media and Information Officer, Captain .I.Iweha said the commander, Major General Tagbo Ude, had visited the scene and brokered peace between the two communities.
Kanke Local Government Council had also declared a dusk to dawn curfew in the affected communities.


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