Copied from facebook, What is your opinion on this? do you agree with him?

Even though this is a serious matter that need serious attention. Before now, there was an existing GRAZING RESERVE and ROUTE on the PLATEAU. But what went wrong? Either those grazing reserves and routes are been encroached into by farmers or we now have more herdsmen that are grazing on a small grazing land.
When His Excellency the Governor of Plateau state spoke about it, everybody was quick to condemn him but no ONE came up with a SUPERIOR SOLUTION to the clashes between the farmers and herdsmen.
Let us not forget that even without the grazing land and routes, the herdsmen are grazing on our Land even to the extend of grazing on our crops that always lead to bloody clashes.
Government should reclaim the old grazing land and routes for the purpose of grazing. But giving another new grazing land should not be welcome. We need to find a possible way of preventing farmers/herdsmen clashes.

-Golmetne Gofwen


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