Berom Youths Movement calls for rehabilitation of displaced kinsmen

The apex body of Berom Youth Association (BYM), has urged the Federal Government to rehabilitate its people, who were forcefully displaced and dispelled as a result of crises back to their ancestral land, before having a place to whether accept or not, the proposed Grazing Reserve/Ranching policy.
National President of BYM, Mr. Choji Dalyop Chuwang, said this position was arrived during its second congress meeting, held at Da Pwajok Hall, along Mararaban Jama’a in Jos-south Local Government Area, Plateau State, last Saturday.
He said, “our position has been that, emphasis should be given to human lives rather than cattle’. If you look at our settlement, most of us are farmers and most people have been displaced from their ancestral homes.
There are villages in Barkin Ladi LGA to be precise, that our people cannot go back to their homes.”
“Villages like Jol, Bachit and lots of others in Riyom LGA, cannot go back to their homes. And if government is laying much emphasis on the issue of business that only belongs to only a group so to say, because some of our people also have cattle’s.
We want the government to please consider the plight of those that have been displaced so that, they can have access to go back home”.
“There is the need for government to, at least, rehabilitate them by building the houses that were demolished for them to come back home, first, then, after that, let them come up with the policy documents, whether it is for Grazing or Ranching, we will study it and if it is to our benefit, then we will give our conditions. Because we own the land and if the constitutions are favourable to us, then we key into it with the assurance and a policy document that would benefit our people”, the national president stressed.
Speaking on how useful, the Berom land was to the government in the area of tin mining and its possible denial to generate revenue to government, Chuwang, stated that, now that government was shifting attention to mineral development, the risk of giving their land for Grazing Reserve would be a mortgage of the future of their generation and “posterity will not be pleased with us”.
“But for mining, you know that, after mining your land will be given to you back, but for grazing they won’t give you back your land. So, with the endowment, we have agreed in this meeting that, we are going to study the Mining Act and those who are coming for mining; we will present them with our position.

  • The Nigeria Standard



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