Riyom LG boss laments lack of funds for projects

The Management Committee Chairman of Riyom Local Government Could, Hon Mafeng Gwalson has blamed paucity of funds as the reason for the halt in the construction of the Riyom community market.
The chairman in an exclusive interview in his office told SUNDAY STANDARD that shortage of funds and the occupation of the lock-up shops by IDPs for shelter has necessitated the delay in the completion of the project.
Mr. Gwalson acknowledged that the market was a source of revenue to the local government and place for people within and outside the community to sell what they have as the key importance of markets and promised to ensure that the market was completed.
The chairman said that the first thing he did when he came into office was to create a programme whereby the IDPs can be returned to their homes and in doing that they have discussed with the IDP’s on their basic needs and requirements which some of them mentioned to include “zinc bundles, zinc nails, cement and other items”.
He added that the siting of the market was not a wise decision and suggested that those who designed it should have sited it on the highway instead of it being used by the community.
An anonymous source who spoke on behalf of the IDPs told SUNDAY STANDARD that they will be very glad to return to their homes once it was completed, and appreciated the hospitality of the people of Riyom, as well as the efforts of the government as they work towards achieving their dreams.
Mrs. Euphemia Cosmos who is into selling provisions and building materials urged the local government to hasten the construction of the market and added that they were very happy from the inception, when they heard about the project.
Miss Chinenye Sylvanus who also sells provision expressed dismay over the absence of a market in the central area of the local government, adding that its presence would bring about rapid development, growth and a source of revenue for the government.
Similarly, Mr. Dalukson Joshua and Dajah Pam who are into selling shoe and improved seedlings respectively told SUNDAY STANDARD that the presence of the market would boost the growth of their businesses and earnings as it will attract customers from within and outside the community and therefore urged the government to urgently look into the matter.
A farmer who preferred anonymity said that the absence of a market within the community has been a setback in the sales of his farm produce, emphasizing that he was charged huge amount of money before his goods were taken to the nearby markets and that it is very discouraging.
He went further to plead that all actions in regards to the IDPs and the market construction as planned by the government should be dully considered.


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