108 NHIS staff undergoing risk management training nationwide

About 108 staff of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) agency are currently undergoing training on risk management system to curtailed wastages in the nation’s economic and human resources.

The Head of Insurance, Actuarial and Risk Management Division Abuja, Mr. Vincent Mamdam disclosed this on Monday 5th December, 3016 at the opening ceremony of a 3 days training workshop held at Crest Hotel in conjunction with GK Kannki Foundation in Jos the Plateau State capital.

He said about 108 staff of the NHIS are undergoing risk management training which is key to every individual and it’s applications i to government ministries, departments and agencies will contributes immensely to growth of the nation’s human and economic resources especially with the current recession facing the Country.

Mr. Mamdam said, “180 staff of NHIS are undertaking this training simultaneously in 3 States of, Plateau, Lagos, Benin and Abuja the Federal Capital all drawn from the 6 geopolitical zones and their State NHIS offices.”

He hinted that the agency has a standing Committee on Risk Management set up in 2012, “We did not have people who knows its importance until the present administration brought on board those who feel is necessary to give attention for the agency to kick start the training of our staff this year, it will be extended next year to equip all our staff with the knowledge of risk management on how to handle the tools they work with for a productive results,” he stated.

Chairman of the occasion, Dr. Yohana Jugu, Head of Actuarial Science Department, University of Jos declaring the 3 days training workshop open lament that only few Universities in the Country runs the field of studies which is very vital to human existence which is often associated with risk at all time.

He said the program was introduced in the University of Jos in 2014, adding that the field is new and people parents should be encourage to give their children a future in the area of studies.

The Executive Director of GK Kannki Foundation, Dr. Kenneth Korve also affirmed that risk management help in cutting cost which the Federal Government of Nigeria have succeeded in the implemention of the single treasury account idea.


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