Jos residents protest outrageous billing by JED

A group known as the Coalition of Plateau Residents for Peace and Development  has mobilise residents of Jos to protest what they alleged as the Outrageous and indiscriminate Estimated Billing System by the Jos Electricity Distribution  (JED PLC) among others.
Read their full letter beow;
Coalition of Plateau Residents for Peace and Development is a group aimed at promoting peace, unity and development in Plateau State and ensuring that residents are treated fairly and justly by companies/service providers in the State as well as the entrenchment of good governance.
Following our letter of complaint dated 23rd January, 2017 to Jos Electricity Distribution (JED) PLC following public outcry on some sensitive issues and our subsequent meeting with the management of JED PLC on Thursday 26th January, 2017 at the Conference/Board Room of the Company’s Headquarters in Jos where we presented the following issues were discussed;
1. Outrageous and indiscriminate Estimated Billing System to charge consumers of the Company (JED PLC). Consumers under the Estimated Billing Methodology are being charged above their power consumption despite the present poor power supply.
2. The replacement of old calibrated prepaid meters with new un-caliberated prepaid meters without proper sensitization/enlightenment of the consumers on the new meter, retrieval of the old which were bought by customers without refunds of their funds since the prepaid meters are installed for free is illegal. The high charge on cost of installation/initial units of the new prepaid meter (where the sum of #7,310) in a time of economic hardships and the hardship consumers undergo to transfer credit balance from the replaced meters to the new meters.
3. Demand for equal tariff with other States for example Distribution Companies in Lagos, Abuja and Kaduna States were charging #15, #18 and #19 respectively as per unit tariffs for residential consumers while Plateau State charge as at then N26.93
4. Application of appropriate tariff codes to consumers to reflect their consumption. We noticed that there are residential customers who are wrongly coded and some are wrongly charge as commercial customers.
5. Poor response to customers’ complaints by staff of JED PLC and unprofessional conduct of some staff of the company.
While discussions were ongoing, JED PLC further reviewed its tariff upward this Month February, 2017 for residential consumers (R2) from #26.93 to #29.81 without consultations with the consumers on the reasons behind the upward review of its tariff. This is in total disregard to the dialogue we have opened with them which informed our decision for this peaceful protest to ventilate our grievances to ensure that residents of Plateau State are treated fairly, equally and justly as other States as well as pay exactly for their power consumption.
Our prayers to JED PLC include the following;
1. The tariff rates for Plateau State should be the same as obtainable in Distribution Companies in Lagos, Abuja, and Kaduna State.
2. There should be proper consultations with key stakeholders on the new prepaid meters and the certification that they are properly calibrated to ensure that they charge according to the consumption of the customers. Technicians must certify that the new prepaid meters are calibrated to fit to Nigeria’s consumption rate before they are installed. JED PLC must also involve the customers in the process of meter certification.
3. All customers under the Estimated Billing Methodology (unmetered customers) are supplied and installed with certified calibrated prepaid meters after due consultations with the consumers. This is to address the issues of outrageous and indiscriminate billing of the customers and customers get value for the services they enjoy. People who have paid for prepaid meters but not supplied should be urgently be provided with meters and refunded since prepaid meters are free or credited with unit equivalent to the amount they paid accordingly.
4. Customers under the Estimated Billing Methodology are charged only for the power they consume before prepaid meters are installed to them.
5. After agreeing on the said meters with customers, JED PLC should decentralize the point for acquiring and paying for the programming of the new prepaid meters as the Headquarters of JED PLC at Ahmadu Bello Way Jos which is the central point for these is densely populated. The business offices should be empowered to do the functions mentioned here. JED PLC should stop charging the sum of Seven Thousand, One Hundred and Thirty Naira (#7,130) for installation (programming) and initial units in prepaid meters.
6. There should be effective communication through continuous enlightenment, town hall meetings and consultations with all stakeholders.
7. JED PLC should take its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a priority to its Plateau State consumers.
8. The Company (JED PLC) should re-train its existing staff in respect to customer relationship management.
We believe the issues raised will be critically looked into and addressed appropriately for better relationship.
If our prayers are not adequately addressed from now to 24th February, 2017, we’ll be left with the option of legal actions to press home our demand for the common good of all residents of Plateau State who are consumers of JED PLC.
Attached are letters of our previous communications with JED PLC for your information and further action.
We will remain peaceful, law abiding, patriotic and resolute at all time.
Thank you




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