OPINION: 2019-Plateau is bigger than APC/PDP

Plateau State is bigger than APC or PDP or whatever political mega party may come after.
I hope you guys are observing the Anambra state gubernatorial debates and learning what calibre of candidates should be offered up for Plateau guber elections come 2019.
I am talking intellectual sound minds with clearly defined growth objectives. And please please please, let me summarize what the salient points should consist. Let our choice of prospective guber candidates for any political party come 2019 be influenced by the following main issues and NOT “it is our turn” or “my village man or woman”:

1) The Security of Plateau state
2) The Economy of Plateau state
3) Education
4) Specific Tourism Definable Objectives
5) Reducing the unemployment level in the state
6) Infrastructure, infrastructure infrastructure
7) Constant power generation
😎 Agricultural expansion
9) And alternative ways of generating state revenue.

Even if it is turn by turn, or by some rotational principle, every Local government in Plateau has great men and women sound enough to be presented. Present your best minds and not mediocre candidates bikonu.
Please those in the know, let’s rise above ethnic and tribal politics and get genuine people who will put the interest of Plateau above party, tribe and sectional interests. We need a government that will turn things around in the Plateau. A government that is vibrant and can articulate sound economic policies for this land of Plateau. And a government that will rewrite a new story for Plateau.
God bless Plateau state and its beautiful people. Amen
By Chalya Princess Miri-Gazhi


Princess Chalya Miri Gazhi


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