NLC ordered for the release of Daily Trust staff and re – opening of office

The organised labour Congress has on Sunday ordered for Immediate
Release of Daily Trust Staff and Re-Opening of Office.
The Nigerian Labour Congress president Comrade Ayuba Wabba, condemn
the arrest of the Borno State Editor of Daily Trust with other staff and
closure of the state office by the military.
According to him, No explanation is good enough for this extreme action. It
is bizarre and represents repression and violation of press freedom.
We are in a democracy and the media constitute one of the strong
institutions in our democracy.
The Daily Trust Group represent some of the best traditions in journalism
practice. They are neither associated with sensationalism nor some of the
darker side of journalism.
The arrest of its personnel and shutdown of its office portend evil and
represent a throwback to the dark days of the military.
If the military authorities have issues with the news paper, even if those
issues pertain to national security, there are established channels for
dealing with them.
Accordingly, we urge the military to order the immediate release of the
detained staff and reopening of the newspaper office.
In these frighteningly difficult times, the military need more friends than
self-made enemies. He said.


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