President Buhari unveils new Nigerian International passport with 10-year validity

President Buhari on Tuesday, launched a new enhanced security Nigerian
passport with 10 years validity. Buhari performed the ceremony at a meeting of the Federal Executive Council (FEC) at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.
The FEC meeting was held a day earlier, to enable the President participate in
the All Progressives Congress (APC) rallies in Edo and Delta states on
Wednesday. Buhari was immediately issued his own 10–year validity passport, by the Comptroller General of the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), Mohammad Babandede.
Speaking to State House correspondents later, Babandede explained that the
new passport has enhanced features, which will make it easier for security

He said the new passport with 32 pages will cost N25,000 and
$130 abroad; the 64 pages with five years expiration time will cost N35,000
and $150 abroad while the 64 pages with 10 years validity will cost N70,000 in
Nigeria and $230 abroad.
“The new passport reform programme is weather friendly, International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) compliant, it has polycarbonate technology that eliminates damage, enhanced security features and save Nigerians in the Diaspora time of frequent visit to Nigerian Embassy among others,” Babandede said.


Plateau gubernatorial debate: Gov Lalong confirms participation

The Plateau State Governor, Rt. Hon. Simon Lalong and Gubernatorial candidate for the all progressives Congress, APC has endorsed the 2019 plateau gubernatorial debate schedule for 2nd February 2019.
The debate which is at the instance of the Plateau Debate Group is the second
edition, after a successful outing in 2015.
The governor who welcome the group led by its chairman, Dr Daniel Meshak, expressed enthusiasm about the forth coming debate and assured the group that he will attend the debate as it will spur him to talk about his
administration’s achievements, plans for plateau and all the electorate needs to know about his candidacy.

PHOTO NEWS: Plateau honors fallen heroes to mark the 2019 Armed forces Remembrance day

Plateau state Governor Simon Lalong on Tuesday performed the Wreath- laying and the release of pigeons as part of activities to commemorate the 2019 Armed forces Remembrance day celebrations at the Joseph Gomwalk
Secretariat in Jos.

“We remember our armed forces especially today, and thank our fallen heroes who died fighting for Nigeria” he said.

The Governor said the Remembrance Day was a significant annual event organised to honour members of the Nigerian Armed Forces who sacrificed their lives to the country.

PHOTO NEWS: PDP Presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar rally in Jos

The Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Alhaji Atiku Abubakar was in Jos, the capital of Plateau State today for his Presidential campaign rally.

Atiku promised to end insecurity in Plateau, if elected Nigeria as President in the February 16th 2019 general elections.

“Plateau is the economic hub of the middle belt, but insecurity has,
over the years, forced it to lose that status.
“I want to assure Plateau residents that if I become President, I shall
restore peace to all parts of the state. I shall dialogue with all groups
and critical stakeholders so as to restore the state to its status as the
most peaceful in the country.”

He was accompanied by Dr. Bukola Saraki, the President of the Senate and
Director General, PDP presidential campaign organisation and Mr Uche Secondus, PDP National Chairman among other party stalwarts.

Jon Temlong vs Margret Inusa: Crisis hit Plateau ADP

(Sponsored post) Action Democratic Party (ADP) is the third force in plateau state courtesy of the efforts of Pastor (Mrs) Magaret Inusa who has grown in tremendous popularity in the state, but, as one begins to look inside the party structure you could seebthat it is loosing its footing mainly due to the manner the party substituted its Governorship candidate in the person of Pastor Margaret Inusa with Gen. Jon Temlong.
This journey began with the suspension and later the sacking of the former
Chairman, Mr Nanyak which has now morphed into a platform of rewarding
hardwork with betrayal.
It was rumoured, that the Gubernatorial ticket was sold by the former to the
later for an undisclosed amount but further findings revealed that nothing of
such was the case. She was forcefully pushed out by the party leadership on
the grounds of being a woman and came from a minority tribe.
The process of substitution of the former Gubernatorial Flag Bearer, Pastor
Margaret Inusa with Gen. Jon Temlong which was orchestrated by the party
officials and influenced by religious leaders, has been a great mistake for the
party which has grown as the alternative to be the unstable. This has also
made the party loose face with quite a number of the populace which are
looking forward to a new phase in the political map.
An inside source revealed that the party is in complete disarray due to bad
leadership and other factors within the party structure that was created mainly by the vacuum in leadership left by Pastor Margaret . An insider source recently revealed that the current party structure which was built from pennies and scraps of well meaning citizens has evolved into a den of self centred and bellied conspirators.
Our source went on to explain that, the succession of leadership had moved
from bad to worse as the party growth is been impeded by a number of factors.
The calibre of leadership which drives the vision has slowed the growth of the party even in the Local Government Areas as well as internal cohesion of part executive council and its structures mainly due to the fact that Pastor Margaret is no longer an active participant in the affairs of the ADP.
The loyalty and party influence commanded by Pastor Margaret is unrivalled as she is a mentor to a lot of young people on the political landscape and her
active participation in the ADP was abruptly shortened due to the ineffectiveness of the preformed party leadership who wanted to use her popularity for cheap publicity.
Pastor Margaret who has garnered quite an unusual support and acceptance
among the grass-root populace which are numbered in the thousands and her not being in the leadership rein has created instability in the ADP which is already showing the signs of being senile in just a year of being on the state.
She has contributed in varying capacities towards the establishment and growth of the party and therefore seen as an aggregator for the transformation movement.
Our source further explained that she was invited to be the party chairman of the ADP as a form of compensation or intervention to gain ground against the fierce competition and create a form of repatriation which will boost the party leadership.
Over the time of her absence due to obvious reasons, it is rumoured that she is currently approached by the giants APC and PDP and other upcoming political parties respectively. Knowing she is affluent among the women and youngn target groups as well as the Pentecostal Church, she is considered the game changer in the upcoming elections.
Another source, from the ADP explained recently that the party under the
current leadership has requested that the aspirants contribute for the flag-off of the new gubernatorial candidate which unheard of and reflects again on the calibre of leadership and structure. We are bound to wonder what kind of government we would have, when it is already looking like the party is looking for external funding to grow.

The candidates aspiring for varying position have also indicated a unified support and endorsement of whoever the choiced candidate of Pastor Margaret Inusa.
It is only a couple of days to the 2019 general election and there are several
questions that needs to be answered, What the future of the ADP is on the
Plateau, and where is Pastor Margaret Inusa heading for? All effort to reach
Gen. Jon Temlong, Pastor Margret Inusa for comments have proven abortive by our sources.
By Abraham Johnson

Plateau PDP raises alarm over plan to disrupt tomorrow’s presidential campaign in Jos

The Plateau State PDP Campaign Council has raised the alarm that certain
hoodlums are planning to disrupt its presidential campaign rally scheduled for
Saturday January 12, 2019.
The PDP Presidential Candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar is leading national
officers of the party to Jos to officially launch the campaign for Nigeria’s
presidency in the 2019 general election.
The State Campaign Council, presided over by party Chairman Hon DT Sango,
says it has received credible information that sponsored groups are preparing to
harrass, intimidate and attack PDP officials, members and stakeholders
attending the rally.
The party therefore appeals to security agencies to act accordingly to allow for
a peaceful presidential outing.
It cautions that it will not tolerate hoodlums trying to replicate what happened
on Tuesday January 8, 2019, in Mangu after the flag off when the peaceful
passage of party members was violently interrupted in Mangu town between the
old market and the Divisional Police Office.
PDP assures the people of Plateau that it will continue to pursue the path of
peace and decency, and to focus on issue-based campaigning for the
development of Plateau.
The party will not allow political provocations to derail its commitment to the
people of Plateau who are increasingly getting frustrated by a ruling party that
is daily resorting to thuggery to prove its incompetence and shallowness while
allowing the good people to face endless suffering.
Gubernatorial Candidate of the party Senator JT Useni pledged to give every
support to have a very successful presidential campaign.
He called on the people of Plateau to unite and vote in PDP in the coming
election to have a secure, united and prosperous state.
Among Council members who attended today’s meeting are the gubernatorial
candidate, Senator JT Useni and his running mate Dr James Dalok, former
Senate Deputy President Senator Ibrahim Mantu, former Minister of Water
Resources, Hon Sarah Ochekpe; former Governor of Plateau State, Sir Fidelis
Tapgun and former gubernatorial candidates of the party who contested at the
primaries with Senator JT Useni. Others were senatorial aspirants, and
Chairmen of State Campaign Committees.
Media and Publicity Committee,
Peoples Democratic Party, PDP,
10. 01.2019

The much awaited PLACOBPA gubernatorial debate to hold tomorrow

The Plateau Coalition of Business and Professional Associations will be
organising a Gubernatorial Debate for candidates of front line political parties on
the Plateau.
This debate is being organised in collaboration with the Nigeria Elections Debate
Group (NEDG), with support from Centre for International Private Enterprise
(CIPE) Washington DC, an American Civil Society
Organization and in partnership with other Civil Society Organisations, Media
Partners and support groups
The Debate will hold on Saturday 12th of January 2019 at MEES Palace Events
Centre Rayfield Jos, before a live-non participatory audience. The debate will be
broadcast live on Television, Radio andu various media platforms. The Debate is
expected to last for two hours. Questions will cover areas of interest and
concern to the people of plateau state.
PLACOBPA is non partisan, non political, non religious and is a diverse array of
hardworking people from varied works of life on the Plateau, and as such arthis
all important role. We do not want to stand idly by and complain, but rather
We wish to call on the good people of Plateau to ensure that they fully
participate in the forth coming electoral process, peacefully and in an orderly
manner. Let us say no to violence, thuggery and electoral malpractice.
Long live PLACOBPA!
Long live Plateau State!!
Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!
Cyril Ogboli
Chairman PLACOBPA.

CBN Makes Second Forex Intervention Of The Year With $210 Million

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has continued its intervention in the
inter-bank sector of the Foreign Exchange market by injecting another sum
of $210 million into the forex market.
In the forex trading on Tuesday, January 8, 2019, the CBN injected the sum
of $100 million in the wholesale segment of the market in addition to the
sum of $55 million each in the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and
invisibles sectors.
The Director, Corporate Communications Department, Isaac Okorafor,
disclosed these on Tuesday and reiterated that the Bank was unrelenting in
its resolve to sustain liquidity in the forex market as well as maintain
stability there.
Mr. Okorafor stressed that the CBN’s continued intervention was aimed at
ensuring that the Bank meets the requests of genuine customers in the
various windows of the market.
On the Bank’s restriction of access to forex for some 42 items, he said the
policy would continue, particularly as it was greatly boosting local
production of items on the list.
He disclosed that the Economic Intelligence Unit of the CBN was working
closely with relevant government agencies to checkmate any attempt to
flout the policy.
Meanwhile, the United States Dollar at the rate of US$1 for N358 in the
Bureau De Change (BDC) segment of the market on Tuesday, January 8,
By Gom Mirian, Abuja

The Emir of Lafiya, Isa Mustapha Agwai is dead

The Emir of Lafiya, Isa Mustapha Agwai is dead, untill his dead, the Emir is the vice chancellor and a first class Chief in Nigeria, he died today after battling an undisclosed illness, the General public in Lafia metropolis are hereby advice to observe a sit at home tomorrow to honor
the sudden death of the Emir Isa Mustapha.

PDP in Plateau flagged off campaign in Mangu, list Security as top on its agenda

Today’s event marks the beginning of our collective quest as a party, and I dare say, as people of Plateau state, towards re-discovering ourselves and what we stand for in the Nigerian state. It is particularly significant to us as a political party because it is our deliberate and conscious effort in taking back power from a non-performing administration, the APC government.
Mr. Chairman, great party men and women, drawing from the philosophy,
principles and values of our great party, the Peoples Democratic Party, we are pursuing a RESTORATION agenda.

This seeks to entrench programmes and policies that would ensure the common good of our people, anchored on a six point agenda, and within a Four-year period (a single term).

This is in line with the zoning arrangement specially adopted for the purposes of the 2019 general elections.
My fellow Plateau people, let no one be left in doubt, we are setting out on this mission, prepared, with a vision as we have appraised the Plateau challenge.
We are driven by a conscious and patriotic zeal to address the ills that have
bedevilled the state in the last three and half years.

The Six Point Restoration agenda hinges on:

Sustainable peace and security;

Socio-economic development and tourism ;

Women and youth development;

Agro-allied, solid minerals and rural development;

Education and human capacity development; and

Health care services.

The Restoration Agenda seeks to provide answers to the following questions:
Who are we?
What is our heritage?
What are our cherished and shared values?
What have we lost?
What has gone wrong?
How do we restore that which is lost?

Plateau state, a once peaceful haven, as is the case with most states in the
Middle Belt, has over the years seen a spate of negative developments. This
includes violence perpetrated by groups and gangs of men to fully armed
militias, leading to the loss of lives and property.

Today we find ourselves in a climate of intimidation and fear. Our people are daily becoming vulnerable. We are concerned!
If given the mandate by the good people of Plateau State, our government shall: Promote, enhance and protect human life and property,
Stand with and protect all law abiding and peace loving peoples resident in the state, irrespective of race or creed, Constructively engage all groups and individuals (both within and outside the state) that are crucial in restoring the lost peace of the state called Plateau,

Examine some of the historical, ethnic, cultural, religious and general life factors that have the tendencies of making us volatile and explosive,
Pursue those things that would help us find common ground for peaceful co-
existence based upon justice, equality and freedom for all, Address the monopolized tendencies that are usually brought to bear when explaining and interpreting happenings in this great state of ours, and Aggressively pursue and claim what is rightfully ours from the Federal Government or any agency or body Great party men and women, and the good people of Plateau State gathered here today, we are aware of the socio-economic imbalance in the state.

It is not possible for us to solve contemporary social and economic problems
without correcting the inherent gaps and redressing the injustices that are
prevalent today.

On this regard, we shall:

Use the principle of justice, equality, freedom and equity in our socio-economic and political relationships, and in the distribution of resources for the benefit of all.

Seek to re-invent the middle class and the local business group to address
some legacies that are fast becoming obstacles to our growth and development,

Create the enabling environment to attract the inflow of investments,
particularly in the energy, minerals and tourism sectors. This will help addressnunemployment among our teeming youths.

With business activities thriving our revenue profile would receive a boost and drastically reduce our dependence of federal allocations to deliver the needed services.
Run an inclusive, transparent and accountable government, involving, all strata of the society, the youth, women, people with disabilities, the voiceless, the deprived, among so many other groups. We are mindful of our diverse and plural nature.

In today’s 21st Century world, women and youths occupy a strategic position, but they are yet to be empowered to play their roles as they should. We shall, in collaboration with relevant groups, address the inequalities, rivalries and some patterns of dominance-subordination relationships, including gender insensitivity, which undermine the full manifestation of their potentials.
We are aware our youths cannot lead us tomorrow if they are not properly
mentored and adequately empowered, especially in the areas of skills
acquisition and sports. I assure our youths that your energy, dynamism and
potentials would be brought to bear in our administration as partners. We shall collaborate with critical stakeholders to eradicate negative habits associated with drug abuse.
To implement the six point agenda, we recognize the fact that we shall be
required to take some urgent measures. We shall pursue the development of a responsible society, a just, participatory and sustainable society in relating with one another.
I am deeply convinced that once we recognize the fact that every person is
created for a life of dignity and fellowship, and that persons are created
‘members of one another’ as the Holy Bible says, we would have begun the
journey to restoring this state to its once enviable status.
My beloved people of Plateau State, as I conclude, I am painfully reminded of
the fact that many of our people, particularly women and children, are still out there in Internally Displaced People’s Camps. My heart goes out to them. If given the mandate, we shall not only pursue a programme of reconciliation, reconstruction and rehabilitation, but take adequate measures to address the incessant attacks on our communities.
I believe that we have the will, depth of passion, faith, intellectual and strategic capacity that will ensure the execution of the agenda.
I invite you all, including our friends from other political parties, to keep faith with us as we seek to restore Plateau to its once enviable status as a leader in the Middle Belt, home of peace and tourism and a highly cosmopolitan people.
Before I take my seat, let me remind us that as we set out on this
electioneering, our mission is to deliver on all our candidates from our
presidential flag bearer, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, to my humble self for governor as well as our national and state assembly candidates.
Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, party faithful, by the grace of the Almighty
God, Plateau State will be restored.
Thank you and God bless.