Media Village and ECWA Youth Ministry sets for an International Conference

ECWA youth ministries int’l
Invites you to Missions weekend tagged

‘#WeAreSent2019’ Matthew 28:19-20,Mark 16:15
(A campaign to mobilise youths to take part in fulfilling the Great Commission)

Date: 18th and 19th January, 2019
Venue: ECWA headquarters church, Jos.

Friday:2pm, Saturday:9am

Guest speakers
Sven Sturhmann USA
Pastor Chris Micah Jos Nigeria

Music Minister: Mr Razphil

Drama by;Italities

Featuring break out sessions on;

Fund Raising


Becoming more like Jesus

Strong foundation in prayer

Discipling Nations through the 7 spheres of influence

Ending bible poverty.


President Buhari Inaugurates Technical Advisory Committee On Minimum Wage

The last time Nigeria’s national minimum wage was reviewed was in 2011.
It is therefore evident that a review is necessary, despite the prevailing
fiscal challenges. This is why I constituted the Tripartite Committee of
Government, Organized Private Sector and Labour to consider the National
Minimum Wage and make recommendations to Government for its upward
That Committee has since submitted its report with some
recommendations. We are currently working on the final steps that will lead
to the submission of a National Minimum Wage Amendment Bill to the
National Assembly.
I want to make it clear that there is no question about whether the
National Minimum Wage will be reviewed upwards. I am committed to a
review of the Minimum Wage.
Also, it is important to explain that even though the subject of a National
Minimum Wage is in the Exclusive Legislative List, we have been meeting
with the State Governors because it is imperative that the Federal
Government carries the State Governments along in determining any upward
review of the minimum wage for workers.
This is especially necessary considering the prevailing public sector
revenue challenges, which have made it extremely difficult for some of the
governments to pay workers as and when due.
As you know we, at the Federal level, have made adequate provision for
the increase in the Minimum Wage in our 2019 Budget proposals which we
submitted to the National Assembly. Therefore, we will be able to meet the
additional costs that will be incurred in moving up all personnel who are
currently earning below the new minimum wage.
However, we anticipate that after the new minimum wage has been
passed into law we will be going into negotiations for salary review for all
the workers who are already earning above the new minimum wage. It is
therefore important that we are properly prepared to meet these demands.
We must therefore look at ways of implementing these consequential
wage adjustments in a manner that does not have adverse effects on our
national development plans, as laid out in the Economic Recovery and
Growth Plan (ERGP). The ERGP sets appropriate targets for levels of Capital
Expenditure, Public Debt, Inflation, Employment, etc. It is absolutely
important that the implementation of a new minimum wage does not
adversely affect these targets, and thereby erode the envisaged gains for
the workers.
It is against this background that I have set up a Technical Committee
to advise Government on how best to fund, in a sustained manner, the
additional costs that will arise from the implementation of the consequential
increases in salaries and allowances for workers currently earning above the
new minimum wage.
The Technical Committee being inaugurated today will be chaired by an
Economist and Financial Expert, Mr. Bismarck Rewane. Other members of
the Committee are experienced economists and administrators from the
private sector working together with all the relevant officials in the
The Terms of Reference of the Committee are:
a. To develop, and advise government on how to successfully bring about a
smooth implementation of impending wage increases;
b. Identify new revenue sources, as well as areas of existing expenditure
from where some savings could be made in order to fund the wage
increases without adversely impacting the nation’s development goals as
set out in the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan;
c. Propose a work plan and modalities for the implementation of the salary
d. Any other suggestions that will assist in the implementation of this, and
future wage increases.
Given the urgency of this exercise, the Committee is expected to
complete its deliberations and submit its report and recommendations
within one month today.
It is now my pleasure to formally inaugurate the Technical Advisory
Committee on the Implementation of an Increase in the National Minimum
Thank you and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

FG reaches agreement with ASUU to release N15.4bn for salary shortfalls

The Federal Government has reached an agreement with members of the
Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) to resolve the on-going industrial action.
Addressing journalists on Monday evening after the meeting with the striking lecturers in Abuja, the Minister of Labour and Employment, Chris Ngige, said the majority of their demands have been met including the release of N15.4 billion for payment of salary shortfalls.
According to him, the Federal Government is also in the process of releasing
another N20 billion for payment of earned allowances for university lecturers.
Meanwhile, the ASUU President, Professor Biodun Ogunyemi, said the National Executive Committee of the union will review their decisions based on the new commitment by the government. According to him, it is only after that meeting of the ASUU leadership that the union will announce its position on the ongoing strike action.
It has been over two months since the union went on strike following the
alleged inability of the government to respond to its demands.

NLC ordered for the release of Daily Trust staff and re – opening of office

The organised labour Congress has on Sunday ordered for Immediate
Release of Daily Trust Staff and Re-Opening of Office.
The Nigerian Labour Congress president Comrade Ayuba Wabba, condemn
the arrest of the Borno State Editor of Daily Trust with other staff and
closure of the state office by the military.
According to him, No explanation is good enough for this extreme action. It
is bizarre and represents repression and violation of press freedom.
We are in a democracy and the media constitute one of the strong
institutions in our democracy.
The Daily Trust Group represent some of the best traditions in journalism
practice. They are neither associated with sensationalism nor some of the
darker side of journalism.
The arrest of its personnel and shutdown of its office portend evil and
represent a throwback to the dark days of the military.
If the military authorities have issues with the news paper, even if those
issues pertain to national security, there are established channels for
dealing with them.
Accordingly, we urge the military to order the immediate release of the
detained staff and reopening of the newspaper office.
In these frighteningly difficult times, the military need more friends than
self-made enemies. He said.

Nig Customs service announces steady increase in annual revenue generation in 3 yrs

The Nigeria Customs service has, on Friday said to have generated the
sum of N1,202,271,240,478.30 for the year 2018, presenting
N164,897,273,077.50 over 2017 collection which was
In a statement issued by public relations officer, Nigeria Customs service,
Mr Joseph Attah,States that the Comptroller-General of Customs, Col.
Hameed Ibrahim Ali (Rtd) described the historic feat as the result of
dogged pursuit of what is right rather than being populist by compromising
national interest on the altar of individual or group interests.
“The increasing annual revenue generation from the service in the last three
years is the result of reform programmes which include but not limited to:
“Upgrade on the electronic systems from Nigeria Integrated Customs
Information System (NICIS I) to NICIS II which has blocked leakages.
Strategic deployment of manpower.
Strict enforcement of extant guidelines by the Tariff and Trade department.
Robust stakeholder engagement resulting to increased compliance.
Increased disposition of Officers and Men to put national interest above
selves.” he said.
The statement also states that the NCS reinvigorated anti-smuggling
operations yielded a total of 5,235 seizures with duty paid value (DPV) of
These seizures include arms, ammunitions, more than 59 containers of
Tramadol and other controlled drugs and 320,709 foreign rice etc.
Though smuggling remains a challenge, the service three layers security
strategy continues to make smuggling unattractive to the would be
While the service continues to deal decisively with smugglers, fellow
citizens, especially border dwellers and port users are advised to support
NCS by reporting any smuggling activity to the nearest Customs formation.
Together we can protect our economy and security by joining hands to fight
smuggling and ensure that appropriate customs duty is paid on every
dutiable import.
Accordingly, we appreciate compliant stakeholders that have supported the
Service in 2018 and call on all Nigerians and especially international trade
actors to help make 2019 better for the nation.
By Gom Mirian, Abuja

APC Using N-Power Beneficiaries as Campaign Foot Soldiers

It is no longer news that the ruling party, APC has lost every chance of victory in the 2019 general elections – defeat is obvious and imminent at all levels.

Knowing fullybwell that it has been rejected and facing total disgrace it has deployed ways to cunningly attract innocent Nigerians to participate in its powerless campaign activities.

This can be seen in its design to tie the N-Power to APC and to unwittingly turn innocent beneficiaries to campaign agents. The N-Power just
like the SURE-P, YOU-in and GIS of the previous administration should be a
form of empowerment geared towards reducing unemployment and building the capacities of the beneficiaries not being funds paid to them in return for participating in APC’s campaign activities in Jos, Plateau.

This is totally unacceptable and should be rejected by all well- meaning Nigerians because it defeats the purpose of the programme. PDP has come across this text by the APC to N-Power beneficiaries just to attract crowd to its campaign launch.
“You are invited to an N-Power ‘thank you rally’ on 4th January 2019 at Rwang Pam Township Stadium by 8am prompt. Come early to collect T-shirts/Face Cap” the message reads.

“Thank you” rally indeed! This is absolutely ridiculous and a deliberate effort to subject innocent Nigerians to manipulation. The public, especially the beneficiaries of N-power must be alert and reject this.
There was never a time in which the previous administration subjected
beneficiaries of empowerment programmes to such ridiculous acts. Instead of thinking of how to train and empower youth to be more productive and useful to themselves and society, the ruling party is only committed to exposing them to unhealthy political engagements.

We want the general public to be aware of this and be cautious of this tactics by the APC. The PDP is a people-oriented party focused on alleviating the hardships of the people, creating jobs, promoting peace and transforming the nation.

Insurgency in Nig Affects Children’s Nutrition, Claiming Millions of lives

The continuous cause of insurgency in the North East part of the country
has become a major problem resulting to malnutrition killing millions of
children according to report made available by the United Nations
Children’s Fund UNICEF.
Malnutrition results from eating a diet in which one or more nutrients are
either not enough or too much such that the diet causes health problems.
According to the United Nations Children ‘s Fund (UNICEF) an estimated 25
million children under the age of five years are wasting, which some of 10
million are stunted and 2. 5 million children under the age of five years of
age suffer from severe Acute Malnutrition every year, an extremely
dangerous condition that makes children nine times more likely to die from
common childhood illnesses such as diarrhoea, pneumonia, and malaria.
The data also revealed that the Boko Haram insurgency has worsen the
malnutrition situation especially in the affected States in the North East,
with about 900,000 children in the region suffering from cases of acute
In an interview with a consultant Nutrionist, Dr. Davis Omotala in Yola
said malnutrition before now was in the state of emergency in Nigeria
especially in the North East but the advent of Boko Haram insurgency in the
region has worsen the situation as many families lost their livelihood of
living and abundant their farms as a result of the crisis in the region, thus
creating food scarcity in the region.
“We must understand that wasting is similar to death sentence for a child
and stunting is similar to life sentence. This understanding will help us find
a way of combating it and not leave the fight to the government alone.”
He added that the situation has become an emergency in Adamawa, Yobe
and Borno states explaining that malnutrition is a condition that occurs
when people consistently do not consume or absorb the right amounts and
types of food and essential nutrients.
Though the region is identified with production of various food items in
mass quantities, Dr Omotola lamented that malnutrition is worst there as a
result of insurgency that has destroyed the sources of livelihood of the
people, alongside their homes, farm and farmlands, infrastructures.
“Insurgency has resulted in high food insecurity, increasing the spread of
endemic and disease, limited dietary diversity, poor and deteriorating
healthcare system, loss of livelihoods amongst others,” he said.
“The mortality rate was higher before the insurgency but there were
improvements that had come. But the insurgency only worsened the
situation because the livelihood of the people has been destroyed, health
facilities have been destroyed, water is no longer available because water
structures have been destroyed and where people need to go in order to get
succour, they can’t go there. Their houses, privacy and dignity as human
beings are destroyed.
All these things affect their ability to feed themselves and particularly young
children and women who are largely dependent on men.”
He said men have run away because of the sound of guns and those who
are ready to stay back are captured by the insurgents and forcefully
recruited as part of them and inter-trade with other states for food is cased
for the fear of been killed by the terrorists group.
“Those who remain behind are largely women and children, and the
responsibility turned on society to cater for them,” he noted.
He added that despite various interventions programme going on in the
region, the rate of decline is slow because insurgency is still there and in
addition, there are crises between farmers and herdsmen, cattle rustling is
springing up, noting these call for more effort to be able to remove all these
factors and when they are removed people are equipment
Speaking recently at a media dialogue in Yola, the communication specialist
UNICEF, Dr. Geoffrey njoku said it becomes imperative for the organization
to present to the and stakeholders fact and figures to expose the current
situation of malnutrition in the North eastern part where most of our
leaders emerges from as we look forward to the forthcoming general
elections in the country.
According to him, while elections are vital tools in a democratic political
system, the dialogue was deliberately organised as part of the plan to
leverage on pre – elections period to educate citizens and political elites
on the need to invest in Nutrition as a panacea for peace and sustainable

PDP shifts campaign flag off

The PDP State Campaign Council has shifted the party’s official campaign take
-off from Friday, January 4, 2019 to Tuesday, January 8, 2019. However, the
party maintains Mangu as the venue for the flag-off.
This was the major decision taken by the State Campaign Council at its
emergency session presided over by PDP Chairman Hon Damishi Sango at the
party’s secretariat in Jos.
The Council explained that it has received credible information about the
likelihood of a security breach since the ruling party in the state has also
scheduled its flag-off the same Friday.
The party therefore wants to pre-empt an attack on its supporters and innocent
people in Mangu and along the way by supporters travelling for or from the APC
rally in Jos.
The party wants the people of Plateau to know that PDP has the highest
regards for their safety, peace and stability of all communities.
It will therefore work to ensure that it avoids any provocative plans by the
ruling party to further worsen the already ugly security situation in the state,
especially in the Northern and Central Zones.
One of PDP’s cardinal objectives is to empower the people economically. For
this the party does not wish to deprive the people of the economic benefits of
the internationally renowned Friday Mangu Market.
It wants the people all over the state and those coming from even outside the
country to gain the full advantage of the Mangu Market holding on Fridays
without having to sacrifice it or experience excruciating congestion. The
economic freedom of the people is crucial especially at this point that the APC
administration has only succeeded in making people’s lives more unbearable
through misgovernance.
Hon Sango also informed the Council that the party’s leadership has agreed on
some well-thought out measures to reconcile aggrieved members and motivate
all party loyalists and friends to continue to be supportive of the party.
He said he is concerned about the issues some party members are raising to
justify their leaving, staying aloof from the party, or attacking some
“We have started implementing specific and strategic steps to address all the
“I appeal to party members to stand very firm and communicate in a way that
will build the party.
“I have no grudges against anyone. My doors are open always. Let us talk as a
family please.
“PDP will not fail the people of Plateau. Let us forgive each other and move on
as a family to restore the fortune of Plateau people. There can be no excuse to
allow APC return to power in this year’s election. None whosoever.”

ASUU Vows To Pursue Ongoing Strike To Logical Conclusion

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) says the 2019 elections will
not stop its struggle to revitalise public varsities in the country
The chairman of ASUU, University of Ibadan chapter, Deji Omole, says ASUU
is not part of INEC and that the electoral commission can look elsewhere for
ad-hoc staff to conduct the election
Omole notes that what Nigerians are only interested in is credible election
and not participation of lecturers The Academic Staff Union of Universities
(ASUU) has said it is ready to pursue its ongoing strike to a logical conclusion
irrespective of whether there would be general elections or not.
The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the chairman of the
Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Prof Yakub Mahmood, had said that the planned ASUU strike might affect the 2019 general election.
But the chairman of ASUU, University of Ibadan (UI) chapter, Deji Omole,
stated on Thursday, January 3, that the union would not be distracted by the
2019 elections in its struggle to revitalise public varsities.
He added that INEC could recruit ad-hoc staff from eligible Nigerians “who arein their millions’’.

“We are not part of INEC, therefore, INEC can look elsewhere for ad-hoc staff to conduct the election.

“What Nigerians are only interested in is credible election and not participation of lecturers. “Even when we were not on strike, not all our members are interested in participating in the elections, because it is a voluntary thing Whoever that feels like participating in the elections can go ahead to participate.

“If you check in the letter addressed to individuals that have
participated in the election in the past, the letter is addressed to individuals
and not to ASUU,” the UI ASUU chairman said.

He said that the demand of the union that the MoU of 2017 be implemented was sacrosanct. Omole said that once the union saw the commitment of government, the leadership would bring it back to them at chapters, where it would be taken to their congresses and redirect to national for necessary action The UI ASUU chairman urged Nigerians to continue to put pressure on
government to do the needful by investing more in funding education.

He said that private education was not an alternative to public schools and called on all Nigerians to support the strike to salvage the university system in Nigeria..
Meanwhile, some undergraduate students in Nsukka, on Thursday, January 3, appealed to the federal government and the Academic Staff Union of
Universities (ASUU) to shift grounds in order to resolve their issues.

NewsnAgency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Charles Odoko from the department of economics, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, urged relevant stakeholders in the country to intervene and prevail on ASUU and government to reach a compromise so that the strike would be called off. Another student, Jane Ukaegbu, of the department of political science at the University of Lagos, said that government and ASUU should consider the future of students and place that above other interests by resolving the dispute.

Plateau State PDP Continues Critical Engagement

The PDP in Plateau State is leaving nothing to chance to ensure victory at all
levels in the 2019 polls.
The party raved its engagements with stakeholders by meeting with three
critical groups on Saturday, 29 December, 2018.
They are aspirants for the Senate, House of Representatives, and Houses of
Assembly, and candidates who stood in the October 10, 2018 local government polls in the state.
The PDP governorship candidate Senator Useni also hosted in his house
aspirants who contested the governorship with him.
It emerged during the interactions that Senator Useni and the immediate past governor of Plateau Senator Jonah Jang have held private talks in the private residence of Senator Jang on how they would work together for PDP’s victory in all the elections next year. Senator Useni personally disclosed information.
“We had a very useful meeting. We spoke very frankly to ourselves.
“Senator Jang and I are not fighting. Who gave us boxing gloves to fight each
other? But that doesn’t mean that we cannot disagree on some issues
It was a piece of information that has long been awaited as stakeholders had
kept praying and pushing for such interaction between the two current PDP
Speaking in similar vein, PDP Chairman Damishi Sango revealed that Senator Jang’s interest has been well captured in the composition of the State
Campaign Council.
“We have included a very reasonable number of some of his core supporters in the thirteen campaign Committees.
“Many of them occupy very key positions. We all need to keep working as one team for the victory of the PDP in 2019.”
He added that “I am ready and willing to dialogue more with Senator Jang who is a founding member of the PDP; a man I respect highly.”
The interactions with party stakeholders were aimed at exchanging ideas and pacifying members aggrieved in any way during the conduct of the party’s primaries.
State Chairman of the PDP, Hon. Damishi Sango told the various groups to
disregard the rumour that appointments had already been made into various political offices.
“How can we fill positions when the elections have not even been conducted
yet? It doesn’t make sense”.
He however assuresd that the party will carry everyone along in the act of
He announced that the PDP’s State campaign flag off will be on January 4,
2019, while the party’s presidential candidate will also be visiting the state in
the first week of January, 2019.
He called on winners of the various primaries to adopt an inclusive attitude by working hand in hand with those who did not secure the party’s ticket to
contest various positions.
“We all must work together. Plateau cannot afford another four years in this
wilderness journey under the incumbent governor.
“For Governor Lalong to continue beyond 2019 is equivalent to mortgaging
Plateau State.”
Hon Sango advised the the stakeholders to be at high alert against any political alignment that is meant to reduce the strength of the PDP at the polls.
“As Ambassadors of the party, you should enlighten the electorate on the
Party’s manifesto.”
The various stakeholders engaged in frank talks and assured the party of their unwavering commitment and support roward victory.
The party has resolved to give a boost to women’s representation in future
elections in recognition of their strategic roles.
Gubernatorial Candidate, Senator Useni pledged to work together with
stakeholders and carry the youth along in his administration when elected.
The party officials had the previous day held discussions with Candidates of the positions of Senate, House of Representatives and Houses of Assembly.
The interactions are part of the party’s preparation to the formal launch of
campaigns for the general elections.